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Senator Al Franken Continues to Fight For Women’s Reproductive Rights.

al hobby lobbyEver since the Hobby Lobby ruling this summer, Senator Al Franken has made his opinion known when it comes to standing up for women’s health care rights. Sen. Franken launched a Twitter campaign against the ruling, co-sponsored a bill to try and override it, and recently reiterated his stance at a women’s health roundtable in St. Paul.

The ruling said that requiring corporations to pay for insurance coverage for contraception violated federal law protecting religious freedom. Sen. Franken told the roundtable last week that the ruling must be overturned.

“This turns on its head the whole notion of freedom of religion. To me, it’s about the freedom of a woman, in this case, to choose whether she wants to use contraception or not. Because of the Affordable Care Act it’s a basic, effective, essential healthcare.”

The ruling has the ability to affect thousands of women and prevent them from getting basic health care needs. Ninety-nine percent of women have used some form of contraception, but the Court ultimately ruled that corporations have more rights than women, who will lose a previously accessible health care benefit.

It’s a huge comfort to know that our senator is still fighting against the ruling months after it occurred. It shows Sen. Franken’s commitment and dedication to Minnesota’s people and to women across the nation.

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