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Senator Elizabeth Warren Gets a Promotion.

elizabeth warrenLast week, Senate Democrats announced their newly elected leaders and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren got quite a promotion.

Sen. Warren will now be directly involved in developing the policy of Senate Democrats as Strategic Policy Adviser to the Senate Democratic Policy and Communications Committee.

Warren was appointed by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, and the position was created specifically for her. She will be a liaison to progressive groups but according to The Nation she was also brought into leadership to help steer policy and communications decisions. The Nation included this quoted statement about the future for the democratic party:

“The source close to Reid said Warren will be a “crucial” voice and vote at the leadership table when strategic decisions are being made. It’s hard not to conclude that progressives will thus have a stronger ability to steer the party’s strategic course going forward.”

Sen. Warren also commented on her new position, saying that being part of the leadership team means she finally “has a seat at the table,” and it creates an opportunity for her to “talk, persuade, and sometimes lead.”

Having such a progressive Senator in a position of leadership is a great step forward across the board. Sen. Warren is a voice for working people, and the middle class. She is a huge advocate for women’s rights, gender equality and supports legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide.

Last spring, she helped to introduce the Bank on Students Act, an attempt to help reduce student loan interest rates. She is also very vocal about closing tax loopholes for corporations and not only protecting Social Security but expanding it.

She is an ally for people all across the U.S., and with her as one of our top Democratic leaders, we are sure to see progress in the future.

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