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Wisconsin: We’re Just Not That Into You.

scott walker mnWisconsin just can’t seem to get the message that we don’t want to be more like them. We’ve provided evidence that Minnesota is just better off, a fact with which even Wisconsinites agree.

So it’s time to get serious: we’re just not that into you, Wisconsin.

Last week, Wisconsin announced a $1.6 million ad campaign to lure businesses in surrounding states to Wisconsin. The campaign included radio and online ads that follow TV ads from earlier this year promoting Gov. Scott Walker’s Wisconsin.

That seems like a good idea, except for one crucial question: why would business owners choose Wisconsin over Minnesota? A recent report just came out that Minnesota fared better than almost any other state from the recession until now. Additionally, Minnesota added almost 1,000 jobs in October, which brings job growth over the past year to just under 50,000 jobs.

Forbes ranked Minnesota in the top ten best states for doing business this year. Wisconsin doesn’t even make the top 30. Plus, Wisconsin is below the national average in wage growth and job growth, whereas the latest Minnesota budget forecast shows Minnesota’s economy is holding steady and adding jobs.

The evidence paints a clear picture, and that picture says Minnesota is better than Wisconsin. Sorry, Gov. Walker, like we said: we’re just not that into you.

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