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5 Reasons Not To Trust Republicans on Property Taxes.

In honor of GOP Repmngop property taxes. Roz Peterson’s meeting-gate, let’s look at the top five reasons you shouldn’t trust Republicans on property taxes.

#5: The last time Republicans were in charge of the legislature, they voted to cut corporate taxes rather than restore cuts to the Renter’s Credit.

Legislative Republicans cared more about scratching corporate executives’ backs than restoring funding to the Renters’ Credit, which provides a tax credit to low- and middle-income renters who are forced to pay a portion of the building owner’s property taxes through increased rent.

#4: Legislative Republicans passed a bill that cut property tax aids and credits by 26% in 2011.

#3: Legislative Republicans eliminated the Homestead Property Tax Credit, which raised property taxes on most Minnesota homeowners, and even lowered the maximum amount of tax relief renters could receive.

#2: Legislative Republicans exempted big corporations from paying property taxes. Yep, that’s right: Republicans wanted to allow their highly-paid special interest friends to have no property taxes while the rest of us pay more.

#1: This year, Republicans are barring folks from what they themselves have referred to as “public meetings” in their districts about property taxes. It even seems like now they’re giving different reasons for why they kicked our tracker out than they did at the meeting itself.

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