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Dale Lueck: Least Likely to Update Constituents Via Social Media.

Dale LueckMinnesota has a new class of freshmen conservative lawmakers at the state capitol this year, and it is made up of some new faces that Minnesotans need to hear about.

This new group of legislators is already showing their extreme conservative policy priorities. We will be highlighting this new class of freshmen over the next week showcasing their extreme positions.

Dale Lueck: “Least Likely to Update Constituents Via Social Media”

Republican Dale Lueck is a first-timer in the Minnesota Legislature, and he plans to use his newly elected power to slow the economic progress achieved by progressive legislators over the last few years.

It seems Rep. Lueck has fallen under the “Republican Spell” that so many conservative lawmakers find themselves mesmerized by: pointing out areas of work in the state without providing any realistic way to fix them. He also flies under the radar of his constituents by not updating them with accounts on Twitter or Facebook about the work he’s doing. It seems Rep. Lueck is more concerned with giving himself pay raises, as he upped his own pay by $10,000 while serving in local government, than he is with working for the people in his district.

Represents: House District 10B, Aitkin

Policy positions:
-Rep. Lueck wants to make Minnesota a “right-to-work (PDF)” state, thereby weakening the best job security protections workers have: the union contract
-As if union-squashing in the style of Wisconsin’s Scott Walker isn’t enough,  Rep. Lueck also wants to lower the state’s prevailing wage (PDF), so some workers earn even less
-Rep. Lueck claimed that roads in his district are so bad that they “jar the fillings right out of your teeth” while driving on them, yet his solution is the same as the lackluster House GOP plan, which essentially tells the Minnesota Department of Transportation to figure out how to solve transportation issues on its own

Questions for Rep. Lueck:
-Reports show that at least $6 billion is needed to keep the current state of our roads and bridges safe, yet Rep. Lueck refuses to provide a realistic way to tackle that price tag. How does Rep. Lueck expect billions of dollars worth of repairs in Greater Minnesota to occur when his party’s laughable solution is to readjust the current budget?
-Rep. Lueck calls education funding a “budget balancing gimmick.” Does that mean Rep. Lueck won’t support legislation to close our state’s achievement gap?

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