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Gov. Dayton’s Budget for a Better Minnesota.

Gov. Mark Dayton released his budget plan earlier this week, and it takes his progressive champion status to a whole new level.

In addition to a real, comprehensive transportation plan to repair and replace Minnesota’s aging roads and bridges, Gov. Dayton’s budget focuses on children and families.

“Over half of this surplus goes into our future, to the young people who will comprise our future in Minnesota,” Dayton told reporters.

You can browse Gov. Dayton’s budget in full, but here are some of the highlights:

An Excellent Education for Every Child

Gov. Dayton is proposing bold new investments in early learning so every child in Minnesota can get off to a great start. That includes narrowing our achievement gap, ensuring every child is ready for kindergarten with statewide free pre-K, and allowing more families to apply for the child care tax credit.

Children and Family Needs

The Governor wants to protect Minnesota children and help working families. To do that, he proposes essential improvements to child protection services and support for at-risk families, as well as providing more care solutions to provide mental health and earlier intervention.

Gov. Dayton’s budget shows real steps to help improve the lives of working families and their children, make sure our roads and bridges are safe and reliable for years to come, and help the middle class get ahead.

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