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Jeff Backer: Least Likely to Research His Opinions.

Jeff BackerMinnesota has a new class of freshmen conservative lawmakers at the state capitol this year, and it is made up of some new faces that Minnesotans need to hear about.

This new group of legislators is already showing their extreme conservative policy priorities. We will be highlighting this new class of freshmen over the next week showcasing their extreme positions.

Jeff Backer: “Least Likely to Research His Opinions”

Jeff Backer is in the Minnesota House for the very first time, and he campaigned on longstanding conservative issues including limiting women’s rights and cutting taxes for businesses instead of working families.

Between advocating for the stripping of women’s health rights by remaining pro-life without exception, and stating that immigration is an issue yet failing to provide any outline of a solution, it seems Rep. Backer is rolling up his sleeves for this session to move Minnesota backwards.

Represents: House District 12A, Elbow Lake

Policy positions:
-Rep. Backer is pro-life and promises to “personally work to support” legislation that repeals women’s rights to choose for themselves
-Rep. Backer believes that on top of slashing Minnesota’s budget to benefit corporations, the state should also help corporations even more by eliminating the corporate tax
-Rep. Backer claims that undocumented immigration is a problem facing the country, but doesn’t offer any suggestions as to how he will tackle the issue…other than requiring English to be the nation’s “official language”

Questions for Rep. Backer:
-Does agreeing to “personally work to support” legislation that limits women’s health rights mean that Minnesota women will have their decisions made for them?
-How does Rep. Backer plan to pay for the state’s deteriorating roads and bridges (a $6 billion expense) when he also wants to let big corporations pay the less in taxes than working families?

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