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Peggy Bennett: Most Likely to Say What She Thinks the Middle Class Wants to Hear.

peggy bennettMinnesota has a new class of freshmen conservative lawmakers at the state capitol this year, and it is made up of some new faces that Minnesotans need to hear about.

This new group of legislators is already showing their extreme conservative policy priorities. We will be highlighting this new class of freshmen over the next week showcasing their extreme positions.

Peggy Bennett: “Most Likely to Say What She Thinks the Middle Class Wants to Hear”

The newly elected Representative Peggy Bennett of District 27A seems like one of those politicians who tries to promise everything to everyone. Rep. Bennett claims her priorities concern economic development in Greater Minnesota, yet the solutions she proposes contradict any sort of growth in the area she represents.

She was also endorsed (PDF) by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL), which is a group notorious for supporting restrictions on women’s ability to make their own decisions.

But don’t let her inexperience in the Legislature fool you: She wants to slice middle-class tax breaks in the name of “economic growth,” and it’s something to watch out for as the session revs up.

Represents: House District 27A, Albert Lea

Policy positions:
-Rep. Bennett said transportation in Greater Minnesota is one of the most pressing issues on her agenda, yet she supports the House GOP plan to make the Minnesota Department of Transportation responsible for fixing roads and bridges without providing any funding
-Rep. Bennett says she wants to spur economic growth in Greater Minnesota by providing more well-paying jobs in the area, but she also opposes raising
the minimum wage–failing to provide a living wage does the opposite of providing income security for families

Questions for Rep. Bennett:
-Rep. Bennett has been a teacher for the majority of her life, but doesn’t believe we should invest in closing to the achievement gap, all-day kindergarten, higher education or reducing large classroom sizes. How does Rep. Bennett plan to keep our education system on the right track?
-Will Rep. Bennett vote to support legislation that lays off teachers in the name of budget cuts?


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