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Republicans Without a Budget Criticize Governor Dayton’s.

suits instead of schools-2Governor Mark Dayton announced his proposed budget Tuesday morning, and it’s full of great things. Free pre-k for interested schools and families. Expanded childcare tax credits for working families. Funding critical improvements to transportation across Minnesota. Closing corporate tax loopholes.

Republicans don’t like it. In fact, Republicans called the Governor’s proposals “uninspiring.”

Speaker @kdaudt says @GovMarkDayton budget is “uninspiring” b/c it doesn’t cut taxes and grows sending. #mnleg

— Catharine Richert (@CatRichert) January 27, 2015

Republicans called for more reforms to the state budget, but declined to elaborate on what type of reforms they would propose.

Perhaps most surprising of all, Republican leaders voiced opposition to free all-day, year-round pre-k for Minnesota’s youngest learners. The GOP said it’s not a affordable option, even though it could be funded simply by closing corporate tax loopholes.

Once again, Minnesota Republicans choose to protect corporate tax loopholes over middle class tax cuts via expanding the childcare tax credit, maintaining our roads and bridges, and helping Minnesota’s youngest learners.

The funniest thing is that Republicans don’t even have a budget. We’ll see what proposals the Republicans support in one short month when they have promised to release their budget, but it seems pretty likely middle class tax relief and educational support won’t be in it and protecting corporate tax loopholes will.

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