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Gov. Dayton Expands Broadband Access Across Minnesota.

mn broadband editMinnesota announced investments in internet broadband across the state this week, and that’s good news for 6,095 households, 83 community institutions and 150 businesses in unserved or underserved regions of the state.

High speed internet access is becoming more and more crucial for academic and business success, especially in Greater Minnesota.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler writes:

Americans living in urban areas are three times more likely to have access to Next Generation broadband than Americans in rural areas. An estimated 15 million Americans, primarily in rural communities, don’t even have access to entry-level broadband in their homes. Forty-one percent of American’s rural schools couldn’t get a high-speed connection if they tried.

To address this problem, Minnesota is expanding access. The DFL Legislature approved investing money in expanding broadband last year. The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development has award $19 million to 17 areas in Greater Minnesota to improve broadband connections. You can see a full list of the areas here.

This is one more step to improving education, business and the standard of living for all residents across Minnesota. That’s great progress we can all support.

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