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Legislative Gridlock?

Here in Minnesota, we know a lot about Republican gridlock. After all, just a couple years ago Republicans shut down state government to protect tax breaks for big corporations.

In a recent Star Tribune story, we got an indication that Republicans might be considering that same strategy to get their way.

[GOP Rep. Brian Daniels] opposes Dayton’s proposed gas tax and license tab hikes — but would Daniels vote for a hypothetical political deal that included money for both roads and bridges in his district and Twin Cities transit?

“If you asked me today, probably not,” Daniels said. “But when the time comes, there’s always got to be a compromise someplace that everyone can live with. Some of this just needs to get done, and if we have to give a little to get it done — I think Governor Dayton is fair, and I think he has the best interests of Minnesota in mind, too.”

That sure sounds like GOP Rep. Daniels is trying to imply that the only compromising will be Republicans threatening more partisan gridlock unless the Governor agrees to their plan. More my-way-or-the-highway politics from legislative Republicans.

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