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New Coalition Launches Effort for Earned Sick Leave.

earned sick timeHave you ever been too sick to work? Have you ever had a sick kid or family member that needed your care during work hours?

I’m guessing everyone has a hand in the air right now. That’s why a coalition of progressive groups is launching an effort to get earned sick days for all Minnesota workers.

Approximately 41% of workers in Minnesota lack access to paid sick time, according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. This number is even larger for low-income and part time workers.

One worker said:

I’ve made the hard choice between income and caring for my children. Tiffany from Duluth #mnbenefits

— (@FairMN) February 3, 2015A

An employer in Duluth, The Smokehouse, provides earned sick and safe time for employees and encourages other businesses to follow their lead.

Small business owner in #dlh who offers #paidsickdays. “It’s the right thing to do.” #mnbenefits

— TakeAction Minnesota (@TakeActionMN) February 3, 2015

The coalition of progressive groups, Minnesota Benefits, is pushing for new laws to address this problem. Their proposal would allow all workers who work at places with 21 or more employees to earn nine days per year. Those employed by companies with 20 or fewer employees would earn five days per year.

These days could be used when caring for a sick child, attending doctor appointments, or seeking protection from an abusive relationship.

Strong leadership on this important proposal is crucial to improving working conditions for Minnesota’s working families. To get involved, sign the coalition’s petition here.

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