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Rep. Baker’s Bill Actually Helps Businesses, Not Working Families.

Republican Rep. Dave Baker authored a new bill which he says helps low-income families afford and acquire propane during long winters. But, what Baker doesn’t tell everyone is that his bill actually gives tax breaks to propane businesses and families that can afford ginormous tanks, while most propane users rent tanks.

During a recent hearing on the bill, DFL Rep. Melissa Hortman emphasized who this bill would actually help.

The Grand Forks Herald writes:

Rep. Melissa Hortman, DFL-Brooklyn Park, offered a failed amendment that would have targeted the money directly to low-income propane users, rather than giving tax breaks to businesses and customers. She said people who could afford to buy large tanks do not need a tax break.

Most low-income propane users rent propane tanks, which would not be eligible for the sales tax break.

Hortman said giving a tax break to businesses to increase their propane storage would result in suppliers over-building and over-spending, with the customer paying the price in the end.

This is just one more example of Republicans putting businesses and corporations ahead of Minnesota’s working families. And when it comes to heating homes during rough winters, that is extra wrong.

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