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Minnesota Republican Party Racks Up More Debt.

mngop overdue editThe Minnesota Republican Party’s money troubles continue again this year.

Many remember the $2 million hole the Republican Party of Minnesota dug itself into after the 2012 elections. They don’t even have that debt fully paid off, and it turns out there’s more on their plate.

The Star Tribune recently reported that the Minnesota GOP owes a direct mail vendor $200,000 from work they did for the 2014 elections supporting Mike McFadden and Stewart Mills.

The Founder and Chairman of Arena Communications, Peter Valcarce, wrote an angry letter to Republican Chairman Keith Downey about the debt. The Star Tribune writes:

Valcarce’s letter carries an angry tone at times. “Claims that ‘financial obligations have been met’ and the like speak volumes.” He later wrote: “We will continue to explore all options regarding recovering the monies owed to us.”

Valcarce also told the Star Tribune that this is the first time in his 20 years of business that he has taken such a drastic measure to get payment from a state party.

The irony of the state party that dubs itself the “fiscal conservatives” battling debt problems- once again- is not lost. The Republican Party of Minnesota touts itself as the the most responsible and knowledgeable about budgets and spending, but their finances beg to differ.

If Minnesota Republicans can’t keep their own finances in order, why should Minnesotans trust them with the state budget? I think that’s a very fair question Republican leaders need to answer.

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