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MN GOP Budget Puts Businesses Ahead of Working Families.

Minnesota House Republicans just etched out their budget plan for the next two years, and it’s not pretty.

Their education plan isn’t even close to being up to par. The Republican budget for k-12 education is $500 million less than Gov. Dayton’s education proposal. Republicans’ also only include a tuition freeze for one of the university systems, not both MnSCu and U of M, meaning some Minnesota college students would continue racking up college debt at unprecedented rates.

On top of that, Republicans want to cut healthcare by $1 billion.

budget draft 5

So with all of these cuts, where did Republicans propose spending? Good question.

House Speaker Republican Kurt Daudt quickly pledged nearly $1 billion in tax cuts for businesses. That’s right. Cut healthcare, high education and k-12 education, but give businesses a hefty break.

These are definitely the wrong priorities for Minnesota. Working families should be put first. Affordable healthcare, strong public schools and an affordable college education are pillars to a a strong middle-class economy. Yet once again, Republicans just don’t get it.

Luckily, Governor Dayton is a strong supporter of working families. His budget proposal fully funds all-day pre-k for every family in Minnesota. His plan also funds a tuition freeze for both MnSCU and the U of M. It spreads broadband access across the state, and creates 119,000 jobs.

Those are the priorities that will continue moving Minnesota forward, not putting businesses and the wealthy ahead of working families.

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