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MNGOP Transportation Plan Not Even A Plan.

Minnesota Republicans still have not offered up a real solution to improve Minnesota’s aging roads and bridges, and Governor Dayton isn’t letting it slide anymore.

At a recent press conference, Governor Dayton said:

“All we get from House Republicans and even Senate Republicans is whack at this and whack at that, and rant about this and rant about that,” Dayton told reporters. “There’s nothing coming forward except a slice of the surplus and a double dose of make-believe.”

That double dose of make-believe isn’t going away anytime soon, either. Just this week, Republicans stuck to their same proposal. No new funding. A chunk of the surplus. And some coins found in the couch cushions at the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The GOP proposal would only allow local governments to repair about 40 miles of four-lane local roads statewide over the next four years. It provides no new money for state highways, for Greater Minnesota transit, or transit in the metro area.

And Republicans continue defending this proposal as their “plan.”

The GOP need to look at Governor Dayton’s ideas, because that’s what a real plan looks like.

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