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Republicans Use Sex Trafficking Victims To Restrict Abortion Access.

sex traffickingMinnesota’s U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar recently introduced legislation to extend help to victims of sex trafficking. The bill is wholeheartedly supported by Republicans and Democrats.

…At least it was supported across both parties until members of the GOP tried to pull a quick switch: Republicans snuck in a provision in the 68-page bill that would prevent funds reserved for trafficking victims from being used on emergency contraception or abortions.

In other words, Republicans in the U.S. Senate are using the issue of sex trafficking victims to propel their anti-women platform by making it more difficult for victims of sex crimes to get access to emergency medical services.

And it wasn’t just an additional asterisk added to the bill that would restrict victims’ ability to choose for themselves, but rather “the language was so vague that it sailed by dozens of staffers working for at least 12 Democratic senators.” The provision was intentionally hidden in the depths of language to try and get it passed without anyone noticing.

It’s appalling that legislators of any party would capitalize on the bipartisan consensus surrounding sex trafficking victims’ need for support by attempting to push forward an agenda that restricts victims’ ability to make their own healthcare decisions.

Helping sex trafficking victims is not the place to play reproductive politics, or tell women what to do with their bodies.

It seems some Republicans don’t agree.

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