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Michele Bachmann Said What?!

Nobody can forget Michele Bachmann. But on the off chance that you have, she’s here to remind you she’s still crazy.

Bachmann actually compared President Barack Obama to the mentally unstable Germanwings pilot who allegedly intentionally crashed his airplane in the French Alps last week, leaving no survivors.

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This isn’t her first gaffe. Back in 2007, Bachmann had a conspiracy theory that Iran had a secret plan to partition Iraq.

In a taped interview with a St. Cloud Times reporter, Bachmann claimed:

“There’s already an agreement made. [Iran is] going to get half of Iraq and that is going to be a terrorist safe haven zone.”

Somehow, only Michele Bachmann knew of this super secret plan/agreement to create “the Iraq State of Islam.”

Michele Bachmann: She’s not in Congress, but she’s still always available for a conspiracy theory.

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