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MN Republican Jobs Bill A Dead End.

jobs bill 2What do you call a Jobs Bill that doesn’t actually create better paying jobs?

A dead end.

But that’s what Minnesota House Republicans have done. They passed a “Jobs Bill” this week that only does harm.

The Republican “Jobs Bill” lowers wages for tipped employees, keeping wages stuck at $8.00 per hour while every other minimum wage workers’ pay will increase with inflation in 2016.

The Star Tribune calls it “a change to the minimum wage that would lead to a pay cut for thousands of tip workers.”

The bill also cuts $11 million from the Minnesota Job Creation and Investment Funds, even though these programs have been very successful. In the last year, the Job Creation Fund has helped create more than 1,800 jobs, according to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

So, you can see how cutting $11 million from this successful program could result in fewer Minnesota jobs.

We all know that freezing wages and reducing efforts to build good paying jobs in Minnesota is not an actual Jobs Bill, and it’s putting working families behind corporate special interests.

The Republican House “Jobs Bill” is a dead end.

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