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Don’t Forget Who MN GOP are Fighting For Behind Closed Doors.

bigbusinessAs we’re waiting for a final budget deal, let’s not forget that leaders in the Republican-led Minnesota House are fighting for big business, not working families.

Exhibit A: House Republicans want to eliminate corporate property taxes.

Minnesota House Republicans want to eliminate corporate property taxes. Entirely. They keep saying their Tax Bill puts middle-class families first, but the middle class tax cut is temporary while they phase out corporate property taxes completely. Forever.

The Republican plan would cost $453 million over the first two years, but that price tag increases an enormous amount once corporate property taxes are fully eliminated. Once fully phased in, this would cost Minnesota $1 billion a year.

The Star Tribune quickly pointed out the biggest winners of this enormous tax break to be- you guessed it- a handful of enormous companies and rich landowners, including the Canadian family that owns the Mall of America, Hilton Hotels, and large property owners from Bethesda, MD and Chicago.

So while we are all hurried up and waiting, just remember who the Minnesota Republicans are fighting for behind closed doors. They are locking themselves in a room to fight for a plan that gives a billion dollars a year to big business.

I don’t know about you, but I’m very glad Governor Mark Dayton and DFL leaders are in that room to fight for Minnesota’s working families.

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