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GOP Refused to Vote on Stand-Alone Avian Flu Bill.

TUrkey farmMinnesota turkey farmers are battling a crisis. As of the beginning of June, 103 reported cases of the avian flu outbreak were reported in Minnesota, costing nearly 8.4 million birds’ lives.

Yet, while farmers struggle, Minnesota House Republicans do nothing. Actually, it’s more than that. Minnesota House Republicans voted against taking appropriate action to deliver emergency funds to farmers in need.

House Democrats repeatedly asked Republicans to pass a stand-alone avian flu bill to provide emergency funding to battle the crisis. Republicans voted against doing so every time.

Instead, House Republicans insisted on inserting avian flu measures into a controversial bill that had significant opposition throughout the legislative process. Now Republican House Speaker Kurt Daudt is trying to shift blame to Democrats, which is particularly entertaining since Republicans hold the majority in the Minnesota House and have the power to decide which bills are considered.

It’s also important to note that House Republicans campaigned on working for Greater Minnesota this fall. Yet, at a crucial time for farmers in Greater Minnesota, House Republicans voted against considering a clean, stand-alone bill and sending emergency funding to those in need.

That’s unacceptable. While Republican House Speaker Daudt holds media events at poultry farms today, everyone should be asking why the Republican Majority didn’t pass a stand-alone bill to get emergency funding to farmers as quickly as possible. Where is Daudt’s leadership? And when will Daudt and his caucus come through for Greater Minnesota?

Minnesotans are waiting.


Photo credit: Flickr

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