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Gov. Dayton Fought for $125 Million More for Schools and Won.

ss image 2The legislative special session is over, and the results are a mixed bag for Minnesotans across the state. Governor Dayton fought for and won $125 million more in funding for our children’s schools, but we could have done so much more with an historic $2 billion surplus.

Republicans, however, refused to budge from their insistence on first passing a tax bill with billions in breaks for big corporations, most being from out of state, and then on holding back $1 billion for corporate tax cuts next year.

They refused to support a comprehensive, long-term transportation plan to repair and replace our roads and bridges because they didn’t get what they wanted (special interest tax giveaways).

Republicans once again sided with their corporate special interest friends over our children’s education. The final budget looks better than Republicans’ initial proposal thanks to the Governor and DFL Senate staying strong and demanding more for education, but we still have much work to do to properly fund our schools and make sure big corporations are not getting any more breaks.

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