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Gov. Dayton Drops the Mic on Wisconsin.

trickledownA tale of two states. We’ve heard it before, that Minnesota is kicking butt compared to Wisconsin, but that doesn’t mean it gets old.

The Daily Beast asks, “Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton is a classic tax-and-spend liberal. So why is his state walloping Scott Walker’s Wisconsin in terms of economic growth?” and we’ve got the answer.

We’re just better.

Gov. Dayton and Gov. Walker couldn’t be more polar opposite. While Scott Walker has become infamous for his right-wing conservative policies that have caused a serious budget shortfall and disappointing job growth, Gov. Dayton has “relentlessly pursued liberal policies.”

The Daily Beast observes:

The result, surprising to many, is that the Minnesota economy is going gangbusters while Wisconsin’s job growth has fallen to 44th among the 50 states.

Gov. Dayton has raised the minimum wage, increased taxes on the richest two percent, and raised money for investments in education. Scott Walker, just recently, crushed college professor tenure.

David Madland, author of Hollowed Out: Why the Economy Doesn’t Work without a Strong Middle Class and director of the Center for American Progress’s American Worker Project, summed up the difference between the two midwestern states well:

That Minnesota’s economy rallied under progressive policies while Wisconsin’s has struggled is “one more data point proving that trickle down is wrong.”

We Minnesotans haven’t been buying what Walker is selling for a long time, and now as he runs for president hopefully the rest of the country won’t buy it either.


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