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Jeff Johnson Pops Up Again.

JJMRJeff Johnson. You may have thought, “I probably won’t see Jeff Johnson’s name around anymore, except if I happen to read any news about Hennepin County Commissioners.” You would be wrong.

Johnson, on the heels of a big statewide election loss and self-published book release (yes, I read it all so you don’t have to), has decided he will head the Minnesota Marco Rubio for President campaign.

“Wait, is Marco Rubio running for President?” You may ask. To which I reply, “Yes he is.” He just hasn’t been on the radar at all, except for stepping in it over the deceptively edited Planned Parenthood videos.

Maybe Jeff Johnson wants to take a drink of water while he reconsiders whether supporting such an extreme candidate (remember: Jeff Johnson’s the Nice Guy! and definitely NOT a Tea Party Republican) for president in such a public way.

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