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Michele Bachmann Has a Theory on Iran.

img_BachmannIf you know Michele Bachmann – and everyone does – you know that she has a plethora of conspiracy theories, many of which are about Iran. Well, she’s at it again.

Previous Bachmann theories on Iran include comparing President Obama’s role in dealing with Iran to the mentally unstable Germanwings pilot who allegedly crashed his airplane in the French Alps intentionally. She also believes Iran has a secret plan to partition Iraq and create the “Iraq State of Islam.”

In this latest episode, Bachmann believes that President Obama and Iran have made a super secret deal that Iran won’t acquire a nuclear bomb until Obama leaves office. This conspiracy brought to you by an extreme right-wing Bachmann misinterpreting the words, “Not on my watch.”

Here’s a quote from the email:

“But then, that was obviously the Obama administration’s plan all along, wasn’t it? I think Obama’s real agreement with Iran is a promise that they won’t strike Israel or anyone else until he is no longer in office. His reiterated ‘not on my watch’ rhetoric confirms that.”


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