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Planned Parenthood Attacks Escalate.

PPHackThe attacks keep coming. On the heels of deceptively edited videos, Planned Parenthood has now been maliciously hacked by extremists. The more we learn about this, the clearer it is that this is part of a much bigger pattern of harassment by extremists whose real goal is to defund Planned Parenthood.

The only ones who have broken laws are the right-wing extremists who have been attacking women and their doctors for years. These videos are part of a decade-long pattern of illegal harassment to prevent women from accessing preventive health care.

The Center for Medical Progress is an extreme activists group whose sole mission is destroy Planned Parenthood. This group employs people who went to jail for attempting to bomb a women’s clinic, and are connected with the man who murdered Dr. George Tiller.

The people behind this attack will stop at nothing in their quest to ban abortion – including breaking the law, as evidenced by the website and email hack.

Sign the petition to stand with Planned Parenthood and let these extremists know that we will not back down in supporting reproductive health care.

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