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Kurt Daudt Is A Huge Hypocrite.

KurtDaudtHypocrite1We all know that the GOP loves to pretend they’re great stewards of the public’s money, but I bet their faces are red today. Can you be considered a good watchdog of taxpayer dollars if you’re considering sprucing up your office with elaborate furnishings like a $10,000 door?

That’s the question giant hypocrite and GOP Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt should be asking himself, considering that’s exactly what he did.


According to Brian Bakst of the Associated Press, it was “a personal desire for decor that closely fits the building’s original time period” that led to the Speaker asking for 45% more renovation funding as he felt the current plans were “at a quality level subpar to what people would have expected in a renovation of this nature.”

Throughout the 2014 campaign, Daudt and his Republican friends constantly hit on the fact that Democrats were wasting government money with Capitol projects; however, it just came to light that the Department of Administration was contacted almost exclusively by Daudt’s office to install a $10,000 ceremonial door, vintage hardwood floors that the speaker “insisted on,” and “fancy leather furniture”. What do the members of his own caucus think about this you ask? One GOP legislator told City Pages that “angling and negotiating to decorate his new office[…]It eats away at our credibility.”

There is no word whether or not Daudt wants to also get the electorate looking a bit more 1905 as well, but we can speculate.

The hypocrisy is astounding. Republicans must think the rules don’t apply to them by being bold enough to try and get this massive double-standard by the people of Minnesota.

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