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Scott Walker is the Worst.

SWistheWorstScott Walker is coming to Minnesota on Tuesday. He’s running for President, so naturally he’s going to talk to a state that has some of the best health care in the country about how Obamacare sucks, and fundraise for a special interest group.

Let’s take a look at the short version of why Scott Walker is the worst:

In It For Himself

One Wisconsin Now has a cavalcade of research on Scott Walker. Essentially, as they say:

From his earliest days in political office a quarter century ago Scott Walker has followed a simple doctrine – enrich his friends, punish his enemies and advance his political career.

In It For His Rich Friends

Walker’s strategy of rewarding campaign donors and special interests has come at the expense of working families in Wisconsin. He’s opposed increasing the minimum wage, rolled back equal pay protection enforcement, and kicked thousands of Sconnies off their health care.

We all know Minnesota is better off with the highest minimum wage in the Midwest, strong protections for working women, and giving folks quality, affordable health care. So…the complete opposite of what Walker’s pushing.

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