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Top MN Republican Jumps On Walker Bandwagon.

daudtwalkerIf it were Valentine’s Day, Minnesota Republicans would for sure give all of their valentines to Scott Walker. They just can’t get enough of the embroiled-in-scandal Governor of Wisconsin.

Let’s take a look back at what Scott Walker’s legacy has been in Wisconsin before we get to the big news (courtesy of One Wisconsin Now).

On the Wisconsin state budget:

As governor, Walker’s approach has been to reward the wealthy and corporations with tax cuts, both in the budget and through special legislation, while slashing funds to public education, technical colleges, public assistance programs, and the UW System.

On higher education:

While on the campaign trail, Gov. Scott Walker likes to tout his tuition freeze, but what he isn’t telling you is that the freeze came after he had already increased tuition substantially, flatlined financial aid, and significantly cut state support for higher education in the State of Wisconsin.

On labor:

As governor, Walker’s anti-labor positions range from layoffs and privatization to opposing increasing the minimum wage and an equal pay enforcement laws.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of how wrong Walker has been for Wisconsin. Thanks to Gov. Dayton’s progressive leadership, we don’t mind saying that Minnesota is kicking Wisconsin’s butt.

That’s not enough for GOP Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt, however. Yesterday, he threw his support behind Scott Walker’s campaign for President, saying:

“He’s done some brave reforms in Wisconsin, and he won three elections in four years in a state that frankly, like Minnesota, leans blue,” Daudt told the Star Tribune, referring to Walker’s election, re-election and victory in a recall election.

How anyone can see the aforementioned Walker proposals as “brave reforms,” I don’t know. It looks more like Minnesota’s top Republican known for supporting the rich and big corporations is backing a presidential candidate who has done, and will do, the same.

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