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Does Kurt Daudt Support Walker’s Wall?

By now we’re all familiar with the adoration from the other side of the river relationship between the MNGOP and Scott Walker.  Just like a barnacle on a rusting hulk at the bottom of the ocean, Speaker Kurt Daudt joined on to be the state chair of Walker’s presidential campaign.  While the Speaker has not weighed in on whether or not he is in favor of repealing birthright citizenship, we suspect that the most recent position he has agreed to proxy for MUST draw some form of repudiation.

Speaker Daudt, PLEASE, ask Walker to publicly spare the Boundary Waters while talking about building his wall on the Canadian Border.  Minnesotans of all beliefs and political affiliation relish the natural beauty found throughout the BWCA, so you can understand the anxiousness caused in so many by the prospect of a steel and concrete barrier destroying one of the great natural resources our state has.  I assure you that the environmental and economic impact will ripple far beyond the loss of more than 250,000 annual visitors to the BWCA.

While I can understand the sense of loyalty that exists between the Speaker and Governor Walker that would compel Daudt to remain silent on so many of the other misguided policy positions that Walker has taken in an effort to stay relevant in the GOP presidential primary, this most recent “legitimate” idea is one that all Minnesotans would find abhorrent and needs to be renounced.  Speaker Daudt, where will you stand in this clear cut conflict of interest?

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