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MN GOP Reps Defund Planned Parenthood.

DefundedPPOn Friday, the GOP-controlled House of Representatives voted for a one-year ban on funding for Planned Parenthood. The GOP has been looking for a reason to defund women’s health for a while, and the misleading and deceptive “sting videos” released by anti-choice front-group Center for Medical Progress gave them the cover they were looking for.

It’s no surprise that all three of Minnesota’s GOP Representatives (Emmer, Kline, and Paulsen) voted to ban funding for critical women’s health care. Not just that, but they all also co-sponsored the bill.

Emmer has tried to portray himself as a moderate since he joined Congress, but this vote and his statements about Planned Parenthood clearly show he’s just as extreme as ever.

In a recent constituent email, Rep. Emmer claimed:

I have been, and will always be, pro-life.

Defunding Planned Parenthood means millions of women will lose access to health care services and cancer screenings. Try as these Congressmen like, it’s impossible to hide their extreme conservative views.

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