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Who Supports Whom In Tonight’s GOP Debate?

Just as Hot Shots! begat Hot Shots! Part Deux we find ourselves presented with yet another crowded GOP Presidential Primary Debate. Although there hasn’t been a change at the top of the polls, the field has expanded to include Carly Fiorina and will make Trump literally the center of proceedings on stage.

At some point during the debate, while the contestants are not trying to knock Trump down a peg, or co-op one of his policy positions (both with the hope of improving their own numbers), many of them will blurt out something asinine forcing viewers to wonder “who supports such a thing?”

We here at Alliance For A Better Minnesota are happy to provide you with a guide to all the MN GOP legislators who have publicly supported one of the still active national candidates, not that anyone supported Rick Perry while he was running.

Everyone knows that Speaker Kurt Daudt is the state chair of the man who wants to build a wall on the Canadian border, but does the Speaker join the Governor in also wanting that wall to be built (with imported Chinese steel no doubt) by non-union workers? Senator and 2014 Gubernatorial Candidate Dave Thompson is also excited to be on “the Walker team

Newcomer to the non-kids table debate Carly Fiorina has a few MN House GOP supporters in Peggy Bennett and Tim Miller. Rep. Miller supports Ted Cruz more, but thinks his brand of crazy makes him easily destroyable, so Fiorina it is~!

What of the front runner you ask? Does no one want to make America great again? Rep. Mary Franson believes that Trump’s winning attitude makes him a winning winner. One can assume that she believes Ben Carson smiling more while denying climate change has led to his recent surge in the polls.

Tea Party Republican Jeff Johnson is the state chair for Tea Party Republican Marco Rubio’s campaign, but as neither seem to be doing much to further the cause, the less said about this the better.

So tonight, when you are watching the main event tonight and one of the contenders on stage casually tosses out deporting all the illegals through a wall made out of tanks you will know whose got their back here in Minnesota.

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