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Despite Recent School Shooting, GOP Presidential Candidates Continue Putting Guns First.

In the wake of another tragic school shooting—this time in Roseburg, Oregon—Republican Presidential hopefuls have lined up to pledge their allegiance that they will do nothing to prevent more senseless gun violence by attempting to pass any type of gun violence prevention legislation.

Jeb Bush responded to the tragedy by saying, “stuff happens.” Really, Jeb? Stuff happens is what you say when you spill milk, not when nine people are dead and ten are wounded.

Ben Carson said that President Obama shouldn’t visit Roseburg to politicize the issue, and that he should just “wait for the next one,” implying that his own party’s obstructionism on the issue means more shootings are inevitable. He also said he would “not just stand there and let [the gunman] shoot me,” implying that the victims could have acted differently for a better outcome.

Donald Trump thinks that if teachers were armed, the tragedy would not have occurred, and that mass killers are “geniuses in a certain way.” He also used the incident to reassure primary voters that he is for assault weapons, because “the bad guys will have them anyway.”Trump meme (1)

Bobby Jindal wrote a blog post, in which he blamed the incident on the gunman’s father, as well as a laundry list of things other than how easy it is to obtain a gun in America.

John Kasich blamed mass shootings on “loneliness,” saying that the shooters are “outcasts” who need assistance with mental health. Because guns are safe unless they are in the hands of the lonely.

Mike Huckabee said that “sin and evil” are to blame. He also said that 24 hour cable news, like the channel his show was on,  make it seem like our schools aren’t safe.

The increasing frequency of shootings and gun violence is depressing enough, without the assurance that GOP presidential hopefuls will do nothing to pass common sense gun legislation to keep our communities safe. In times of tragedy we need real leadership from the POTUS, and these GOP candidates are proving they are unworthy.

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