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GOP University Debate Excludes Students.

800px-Wolf_Law_building_at_University_of_Colorado_at_Boulder_from_the_southwestTomorrow’s GOP presidential debate is scheduled to take place at the University of Colorado-Boulder. You’d think – this being a university – that students would be invited to attend, but apparently you’d be wrong.

The debate will be held in CU-Boulder’s 11,000-seat Coord Event Center, and according to ThinkProgress, students reasonably expected that some of them would be able to attend.

The Republican National Committee and CNBC, however, only made 50 tickets available to the community, which includes faculty, board members, and students. Yesterday, the RNC and CNBC “generously” expanded that number to 150.

The odds of more seats being made open to students at this point are not great, which means at least 29,850 students will be denied the great American political experience of watching a presidential debate live when it’s literally on their campus.

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