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Thanks for Standing Up for Consumers, Senator Franken!


The latest victim of corporate greed is consumer protection.

The New York Times recently published a three piece series showcasing the increase of arbitration processes by consumers and employees who have signed away their right to legal action. A new trend in corporate greed centers on clauses buried in contracts between corporations and employees or consumers, that are replacing the court system with an arbitration process often rigged in the corporation’s favor.

No surprise there. It’s just another way for corporations to continue getting ahead while average Americans are left footing the bill.

According to the New York Times, “By banning class actions, companies have essentially disabled consumer challenges to practices like predatory lending, wage theft and discrimination…”

Luckily, Sen. Al Franken is leading the charge in Congress with the Arbitration Fairness Act, which would nullify the use of arbitration clauses in the cases of antitrust, consumer, employment, or civil rights disputes.

Thanks for standing up for consumers, Senator Franken!

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