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Budget surplus should be invested to make the economy work for everyone, not just the wealthy.

Budget Forecast GraphicMinnesota now has a $1.9 billion budget surplus, thanks to smart budgeting by the 2013-14 DFL legislature and a growing economy. While you’re busy sifting through Republican sound bites calling to “give it back” for the sake of family budgets, ask yourself why the GOP didn’t “give it back” last session, and instead left nearly $1 billion on the bottom line?

Instead of prioritizing Minnesota families, last year Republicans chose to introduce a budget that shortchanged our schools, neglected roads & bridges, and provided billions in tax cuts to the owners of big corporations.

We have the opportunity to make the economy work for everyone – not just the wealthy – but Republicans continually put their corporate backers first at the expense of working families.

So every time you hear a Republican mention their care for “family budgets,” remember who they’re really working for – big businesses and conservative extremists – and not the majority of Minnesotans.

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