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Governor Dayton’s Bonding Bill Addresses Republican Shortcomings.

DaytonthanksGovernor Dayton unveiled his $1.4 billion bonding bill recommendations today, which would improve critical infrastructure and make overdue investments in both Greater Minnesota and the Metro. The proposal would create an estimated 39,000 jobs by leveraging private, federal
and local dollars, and would further improve Minnesota’s economic standing.

The Governor’s recommendations include many projects that Republicans have chosen to neglect, despite the fact Minnesota has a $2 billion budget surplus.

Oil rail and pipeline upgrades: Despite considerable public safety concerns, Republicans have largely ignored the call to improve rail crossings and improve oil train safety.

Critical bridge repairs: Last session, thanks to Republicans’ refusal to compromise, no long-term, sustainable transportation bill was passed.

Water quality and infrastructure: Governor Dayton’s recommendations focus on many projects to deliver clean, affordable water to Minnesotans and also protect water quality. Republicans have been silent about addressing recent water quality concerns.

We applaud Governor Dayton for laying out a robust bonding proposal that will create jobs, invest in every corner of our state, and address overdue issues to improve Minnesotans’ quality of life.

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