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RELEASE: Speaker Daudt should explain special session delay to Iron Range workers and their families.

2,000 Iron Range Steelworkers were laid off in 2015, and 670 workers (and growing) have seen their unemployment benefits expire. Speaker Daudt has been tentative to say we don’t need to help these workers and their families, but has single-handedly prevented a one-day special session to help them since November.

“Speaker Daudt is solely responsible for idled Steelworkers’ benefits not being extended,” said Joe Davis, Executive Director for Alliance for a Better Minnesota. “He has played politics with these families and it is unacceptable.”

Since November, Governor Dayton and Sen. Majority Leader Tom Bakk have urged action, meeting with Daudt as recently as last week. Unfortunately, despite language for a special session being on his desk, Speaker Daudt continues to resist agreement without being able to deliver an honest reason why.


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