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Special Session No Match for Republican Obstructionism.

IDaudtSSt’s been nearly two months since Governor Dayton first expressed urgency for a special session to aid idled Iron Range Steelworkers. Since then, the potential agenda has been expanded to include tackling economic disparities for communities of color, and acting to comply with Federal Real ID guidelines. Despite months to wrap their heads around it, Republicans are still wavering on whether or not they think a special session is needed at all.

No one should be surprised by Republicans’ unwillingness to help the 2,000 Iron Range workers that have been laid off since last spring, or their sluggish approach to addressing economic disparities. And while the Feds recently extended the Real ID compliance deadline, it’s not safe to assume that Republicans were going to get around to fixing that, either.

After all, despite a $2 billion surplus, Republicans barely did anything last session to help working Minnesotans and instead prioritized a tax bill to help wealthy property owners and corporations at the expense of everyone else. And their plans for this session? More of the same.

Unfortunately, a one day special session to help Iron Range workers and level the playing field for communities of color is no match for Republicans, who only stand up for wealthy special interests and not working Minnesotans.

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