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Opportunity Inaction: MN GOP Wants to “Integrate” Minority Groups.

Today, Minnesota Republicans announced the “Opportunity in Action” outreach initiative in an attempt to extend the appeal of the GOP beyond its current base of mostly older, white men. In a press release, Senate Minority Leader David Hann spoke of the need for “integrating them [minority groups] into our policy and political activities.” In an attempt to showcase their appeal as a party of diversity, the Minnesota GOP also held a press conference that seemed to include a disproportionate number of white men.

GOP Press Conference 2

It makes sense that Minnesota Republicans want to change the notion that they only care about their corporate backers, but attempting to “integrate” “them” [minority groups] with a press conference probably isn’t the best way to change hearts and minds. It might be more convincing if Republicans embraced policies that have a tangible impact on people of color instead of prioritizing big businesses and the wealthy.

Actions speak louder than words, GOP.

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