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Does Rep. Kathy Lohmer Support Jason Lewis?

LewisLohmerYou might have heard about some of GOP Congressional candidate Jason Lewis’ past comments coming under fire recently. He called women “non-thinking” and “ignorant” for caring about their health care access being restricted. His nuanced view on slavery consists of, “why should I care if one human owns another?”

In his own defense, Lewis penned an op-ed likening himself to Reagan, because they both spoke on the radio and love trickle down economics. At this point, it’s expected that Lewis’ extreme views will set him apart in his bid for the CD2 GOP endorsement. What’s unexpected, however, is Rep. Kathy Lohmer, a hyper-conservative who represents a moderate suburban district, appears to be supporting Lewis and his comments. Last night, Lohmer tweeted out a link to the Lewis op-ed and retweeted Senator Karin Housley’s message of support with the article.

What it is about Lewis’ extreme positions that may appeal to Rep. Lohmer? She is staunchly anti-choice, voted against marriage equality, and even used taxpayer money to wrap her Hyundai Santa Fe in the U.S. Constitution, but does she also agree with Lewis’ philosophy on women’s roles and slavery?

One thing is for certain, the voters in Rep. Lohmer’s district should be concerned about her potential endorsement of Lewis’ extreme views, and should note that her voting record is as conservative as he is.

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