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Governor Dayton Proposes Paid Family Leave.

paid_parental_leaveIn a bold move to help Minnesota’s workplace practices better align with the needs of working families, Governor Dayton today unveiled a proposal which would grant all state workers 6 weeks of paid family leave. The Star Tribune reported that “The governor said he initially sought four weeks of leave until Lt. Gov. Tina Smith and young mothers on his staff pushed for more. He added that licensed daycare centers in Minnesota already cannot accept infants younger than six weeks old.”

This proposal would treat all parents equally, meaning adoptive and biological mothers and/or fathers in the pool of 35,000 state workers qualify. Being able to spend time with a brand new addition to your family without the threat of economic calamity caused by lack of income is something that all Minnesotan families deserve, and this is an important first step in that direction. While this move would only apply to state workers, hopefully private employers will eventually take note that these types of workplace standards are being demanded by working families. Governor Dayton and the DFL leadership should be applauded for their dedication to the betterment of all Minnesotans.

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