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Sarah Anderson, Republicans have a history of fighting for corporate special interests, not working families.

SarahAndersonTuesday, Rep. Sarah Anderson (GOP-Plymouth) released a statement in response to Governor Dayton’s plan to provide six weeks paid parental leave to state workers. In her statement, she says she is, “working on legislation for this session that provides for more families in the private sector to receive paid parental leave after the birth or adoption of a child.”

It’s no surprise Rep. Anderson is using Governor Dayton’s plan as an excuse to complain about government workers. It is, however, a surprise for her to feign interest in helping working families.

Remember, Rep. Anderson voted against the Working Parents Act in March 2015. The working Parents Act included paid family leave, earned sick and safe time, wage theft protection and fair scheduling legislation.  [HF 1555, Journal Page 1229, 03/23/15]

That was the same year in which she and her caucus pushed through billions in tax breaks for the owners of corporations – showing who they’re really fighting for at the Capitol. [HF 848, House Journal 4285, 04/29/15]

Additionally, Rep. Anderson offered a delete all amendment to the Women’s Economic Security Act, saying this about the bill, “All of my sisters are very strong women,” Anderson said, who is the youngest of nine girls. “As the youngest, they shaped who I am today, as did my parents. They taught me I could do whatever I put my heart into. While I appreciate what Rep. Melin is doing here today, we need to provide greater opportunities for women, not greater regulations.”

In April 2014, the Star Tribune reported that Anderson “said it [WESA] could result in an unforeseen burden for some women…They don’t want to hire a lawyer, they want a remedy…Instead of the Legislature giving them relief, it is just going to delay it for them.” [Star Tribune, 4/9/2014]

While Anderson, and Republicans, may be trying to appeal to voters who are asking for policies like paid leave, their record speaks for itself.

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