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Governor Dayton’s State of the State: Let’s continue making progress for ALL Minnesotans.

SOTS Social imgThis week, Governor Dayton delivered his State of the State address, outlining his priorities for the legislative session. The Governor made it clear that Minnesota faces a crossroads: continue down a path towards making the economy work better for all Minnesotans, or follow the Republican plan to take us backward.

The Governor spoke of the progress we need to make in delivering benefits for idled Iron Range Steelworkers, eliminating racial disparities and combating discrimination, investing in education and early learners, funding Minnesota’s roads, bridges & transit, ensuring clean water for future generations, investing in clean energy jobs, and passing a robust bonding bill to preserve state investments.

“We have righted our state government’s fiscal ship,” Governor Dayton said, of the $900 million state surplus we now have, compared with the deficits that marred the budget before he took office. Despite top national job rankings, he said, Republicans refuse to believe we’ve made progress, and want to pursue more tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy that we know won’t benefit most Minnesotans.

Governor Dayton is right – we’ve made progress – and we can’t stop now. The investments we make this session must build a better future for all of us, not just the wealthy.

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