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RELEASE: Asks Speaker Daudt to Come Clean.

daudtsdebt twitterST. PAUL -Yesterday, news broke that Speaker Daudt had been sued three times last year for defaulting on his credit card debt. He later claimed that his debts have been paid, though unanswered questions remain about the nature of the settlement(s) reached with the assistance of Messerli & Kramer, lobbyist R. Reid LeBeau, and how his legal fees were paid.

Today, Alliance for a Better Minnesota has launched as a vehicle for Minnesotans to ask Speaker Daudt to come clean.

“If Speaker Daudt did not receive special treatment due to his ties at the Capitol, then there is no reason why he can’t disclose the details of  the legal settlements reached by lobbyists on his behalf,” said Joe Davis, ABM Executive Director. “Minnesotans deserve real answers. Speaker Daudt needs to come clean.”

Kurt Daudt received a judgement that happens in less than 1% of similar credit debt cases – twice.


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