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STATEMENT: Daudt needs to disclose the details of his debt deals.

ST. PAUL – Today, an aide for Speaker Kurt Daudt said he “will not be releasing any additional documents on his personal finances. As he said last week, the debt has been paid.”

Joe Davis, ABM Executive Director, released the following statement:

“Many unanswered questions remain about the details of how Speaker Daudt settled his debts with the help of Capitol lobbyists. If Daudt didn’t receive special treatment, then why won’t he disclose the details? This isn’t about whether or not the Speaker eventually paid his debt after being sued, it’s about the preferential treatment that he seems to have received. Why did Daudt receive a judgment that less than 1% of similar cases receive? Minnesotans deserve to know the truth. Speaker Daudt needs to come clean about his debt deals.”


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