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Daudt tells Tea Partiers: GOP Transportation plan will starve our budget.


Republican House Speaker Kurt Daudt (R-Zimmerman/Crown/Stanford Township) admitted at a recent Tea Party event that the GOP transportation “plan” would “starve out” the general fund, which is used to pay for schools, healthcare, public safety and more.

The plan, which already failed to garner support last session, would shift money currently used to pay for vital functions of government to roads and bridges, and wouldn’t solve the overdue needs of our state’s transportation infrastructure in a long term, sustainable way.

Speaker Daudt told the Tea Partiers it’s a “really good thing” that the transportation plan would, “start to starve out the general fund.” In other words, he admitted Republicans are using roads to try to destroy Minnesota’s now fiscally sound budget.

This is just the latest example of Minnesota Republicans’ Tea Party politics causing long term problems instead of improving outcomes for all Minnesotans.

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