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It's Tax Fairness Day!


It’s tax [fairness] day!

Minnesota has one of the most progressive tax systems in the country, yet on tax day (and every day), Republicans complain that the sky is falling.

In recent years, we’ve topped the list in a variety of business rankings, due in part to low unemployment, an educated workforce, and a diverse economy. There are many things that make living and working in Minnesota great, and we need to build on them to ensure a strong and vibrant future.

Instead, Republicans point to states like South Dakota, saying we should make our tax system more like theirs. Sure, it seems appealing to pay no income tax, but most states with tax structures like theirs are extremely regressive.

And, for everyone out there who isn’t a tax policy nerd, regressive means your taxes don’t line up with your ability to pay.

Republicans have made taxes their central campaign issue at every level of government, but when put in charge, they give handouts to big corporations at the expense of working families.

So let’s call today Tax Fairness Day. [Say it with me: Happy Tax Fairness Day!]

Because taxes are a part of life. But we should be working towards fair taxes that work better for everyone, not just the wealthy.

Join Us.