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It's Time To Ask: Who Supports Donald Trump?

As Republican front-runner Donald Trump continues to barrel towards the Republican nomination, it’s time to ask Republicans here in Minnesota if they’ll support him if he’s the nominee. Even though few Minnesota Republicans have formally endorsed Trump, many of them share his toxic views.

Ask About Trump

As Trump claims that corporate taxes hurt the economy, Minnesota Republicans similarly assert that the current tax policy drives jobs and businesses out of the state. Both Trump and the Minnesota GOP propose tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, instead of prioritizing working Minnesotans. The wealthiest households in the nation would see the biggest tax benefit from Trump’s tax plan. While middle-income earners would see a 4.9% tax decrease, the top 0.1% of households would see their taxes cut by an average of 19%. Trump’s policies undoubtedly favor the wealthy and would contribute to rising income inequality. Unfortunately, this is frighteningly similar to the Minnesota House Republican tax plan. By proposing a phaseout of the business property tax, the Republicans’ plan would cost billions of dollars and hurtle the state back into a deficit. Like Trump’s tax plan, the winners of the Minnesota Republicans’ proposals are the wealthiest earners and corporations.

Donald Trump staunchly opposes common-sense legislation to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals and the mentally ill. Minnesota Republicans have vowed to stand in the way of any gun reform, even overwhelmingly popular policies like universal background checks.

Minnesota Republicans proposals concerning reproductive rights also echo Trump’s views. During this legislative session, Republicans have proposed several anti-choice bills, including legislation to defund Planned Parenthood. Donald Trump recently stated that he believed that there should be “some form of punishment” for women who’ve sought abortion services. Sadly, this position is not far removed from that of the Minnesota Republicans, who have consistently shown that they are anti-choice by prioritizing legislation to restrict women’s healthcare.

Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Daudt (R-Crown) said that he “probably would [support Trump if he were the nominee],” but what about other Republicans?

It’s time for Republicans to tell Minnesotans if they’ll support Trump if he’s the nominee.

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