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Representative Tony Cornish Endorses, Then Deletes Post In Support Of Trump.

Monday, Representative Tony Cornish posted his support of Donald Trump in Tuesday’s primary on his facebook page.

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Unsurprisingly, this led to quite a bit of discussion with his constituents and other facebook friends – an ongoing conversation that lasted hours. Some were thanking Representative Cornish for his honesty in supporting Trump; others were trying to change his mind — which was unsuccessful.



Cornish only doubled down on his support for Trump, not bothering to explain his reasoning. We’re guessing it’s because he and other Minnesotan Republicans share many of Trump’s extreme positions on immigration, race, and women. Cornish and his colleagues are no strangers to extremism – Cornish has far-right views on gun ownership, for example, and his Republican colleagues have introduced some ridiculous bills that would be right at home in a Trump agenda.

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The conversation was genuinely interesting, as Cornish’s constituents attempted to engage him with their concerns about Trump, including graphs revealing Trump’s donors and questions about Trump’s ability to bring the party (let alone the nation!) together.

But then, when I returned to see how the debate ended, it was gone.

Cornish had deleted it.


Why aren’t Minnesota Republicans being honest about who they support?

Why aren’t they being honest about what they believe?

It just goes to show: we need to #askabouttrump and find out which Republicans share his divisive priorities.

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